UX Point - What is the point of UX?

How to get better UX?


When a company uses data to personalize its inventory, it creates a better UX. This UX in turn draws in millions of users and investment dollars. When it is used well, data is a guaranteed disruptor. Amazon used data to disrupt retail. Netflix used it to overhaul video rentals; Spotify and Pandora transformed radio. From retail to lending, other industries are undergoing similar evolutions.


Source: TNW


What products & services has user feedback changed?


With the Galaxy S5, a lot of the Galaxy S4 features people found annoying like touchless controls and eye tracking are either turned off by default or available as an optional download from Samsung.


Source:  Business Insider


iOS 7 confused and frustrated some of us due to a lack of actual buttons in many parts of the interface. Instead, Apple opted for only text that wasn’t always an obvious tapping point and was sometimes difficult to touch accurately. In iOS 7.1, you can bring buttons back and save your fingers some trouble.


Source: Lifehacker


When Microsoft removed the Start menu, quite a few of its users were upset, and this move did indeed make Windows 8.1 harder to use for many. The new Start menu will combine live tiles and other Metro-influenced UI elements, as well as most of the features still available in the Windows 7 menu.


Source: TechCrunch